I’ve always had an interesting relationship with my daughter. I’m 47, have a 26 year old daughter who just had a baby, AND who has a very hot baby daddy. I am what you would call a MILF.

Actually, now I’m a GILF I guess. Oh shit. Well, a very sexy, very horny one at least!

You would never know that I’m in my late 40s. I kept a lean body my entire life by doing yoga and being a dancer, and I am blessed with great skin, big tits, a tight ass, and toned legs.  I guess I’m one of the lucky ones! Except when it comes to men! I can never keep a guy around. I get bored of the same dick all the time. I like riding the same cock for a few weeks and then I want to try something new.

Sometimes I want men that want to fuck hard and fast. Sometimes I want a inexperienced, young, eager guy…other times I crave an established older man. And men of ALL colors, of course!

I like the variety– keeps my mind fresh, my pussy wet, my sex drive young and thriving.

So anyway my daughter and her admittedly hot half-black, half-white boyfriend came over for dinner the other night, and it went fine, until after dinner. I was in the kitchen making hot toddies for the three of us when I heard them start arguing. Not wanting to put my nose in it, I stayed in the kitchen, but a few minutes later I heard the door slam. I walked back into the living room expecting to see my daughter, but she’s the one who left, with the baby.

Her baby’s daddy was standing there all by himself looking at my record collection. He picked one out and put it on. I had always been secretly hot for my daughter’s boyfriend. I handed him a hot toddy and he took a sip. He started dancing around my living room. Their fight seemed to not even faze him. He was dancing around happily and grabbed my hand. He twirled me around and we giggled and danced and I kept bumping into him so that our bodies would touch. I scooted my rock hard booty up into his crotch and swayed from side to side.

I felt his dick growing under his jeans and I knew what was coming. And I wanted it. SO BADLY.

I turned around and smiled at him, a little tipsy, and he pulled me close into his chest. I looked up at the beautiful man that had been fucking my daughter for the last few years and asked him to kiss me with my eyes. And he did. His tongue was like fire, it melted my entire inside. My legs felt like the edge of a volcano and my pussy was so hot inside. I was ready to erupt.

I pushed him down on the couch and attacked him. I reached for his belt right away and took off his pants.

My lips slid around his rock-hard cock and his penis tickled the back of my throat as I eagerly swallowed his staff.

“AHHHHHH MOM,” he moaned. Oh – did I forget to mention that he always called me “mom?”

I was totally turned on by it!!! And I could tell he was too!

His hands were grabbing for my buttons as well and he took off my pants and squeezed my ass with both hands. He felt for the back of my thong and pulled it to the side and I sat down on his dick.

“OHHHHHHHH,” I was in heaven!

I had wanted to feel his cock inside of me since the first time she brought him home, and now it was happening!

I was fucking the shit out of him- riding his thick olive cock refusing to even THINK about how wrong what I was doing was.

It felt too good and I wanted it too much. My daughter has got the world in front of her– even if she ever finds out, she’ll bounce back. She’ll be fine. But me…I NEEDED his cock in that moment more than SHE ever could!

“Yes!” I cried out, “fuck mommy good!”

I didn’t need to ask twice. He spun me around so that I was in reverse cowgirl with my ass up in his face. His thick cock pulsed inside me and my tits slapped against me as he pounded his hips upward.

He slipped two fingers in my asshole and fucked that, too, as I bounced on his cock, squeezing my own nipples and rubbing furiously at my clit.

What I wanted!


“HOLY SHIT MOM!!!” he panted, “THIS ASS!”

A third finger made it’s way in, opening my asshole up, making me wish he’d just go ahead and fuck that, too. Boy, did this guy know how to fuck! My daughter sure knows how to pick them. She done me proud!

I was some close to cumming when my daughter’s boyfriend screamed “OH MY FUCK! MOM!!!” and ejaculated up my pussy (I’m fixed so who cares?) so hard that I could feel ALL of his cum pumping into me.

“WOW,” he said as I slid off of him.

“Lick my pussy,” I ordered him, wanting to cum too and wanting the moment to last. I sat back on the couch and he got down on his knees below me. I pushed his head in-between my legs. And wouldn’t you know that he was great at THAT, too! He sucked my labia lips up into his mouth, fingering my pussy and asshole while he ate me deeply.

I felt his nose deliberately rubbing on my clit as his tongue lapped at my cunt. I grabbed his head and shoved him in further.

 With him in that deep, it was just a matter of a minute or two before I came, shaking, my legs wrapped around his head. It was mind-numbing! I don’t think my pussy has been fucked that hard, or eaten that well, in a decade! And maybe the fact that we weren’t supposed to be doing it made it even better. I was thinking of this when I saw headlights in the front window. My daughter was back!


“Get dressed. Quick!”

“Oh. FUCK.”

He heard the car alarm lock as he pulled up his pants, and I took one last long look as his beautiful cock before he tucked it away.

We quickly got dressed and sipped our toddies to get each other’s smell off of our tongues. When my daughter walked in through the front door with the baby we were sitting on the couch listening to music, looking completely innocent.

I got up and left the room so they could talk. From my bedroom I heard apologies about the fight. Its good, I guess. But I can’t help but wonder when and IF we’re going to fuck again? To tell you the WHOLE TRUTH, I came again fingering myself, and then with a vibrator, that night, just thinking about his cock fucking me over and over!

Damn, I’m a dirty grandma, and I LOVE IT. xoxo


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The strangest, sexiest thing happened last night and I’m going to tell you about it!

I was in my apartment building, just hanging out after a good shift on the phones. I live up north and it gets dark soon here. I went downstairs to get the mail (paycheck yessss) and there was a snowstorm that had piled up a foot or two of snow I guess around my block. And there was a guy struggling through the snow, looking lost! Snow was blowing around still and he went back and forth and looked kind of confused. I want to tell you sex was NOT on my brain at all when I saw him, I just thought oh you know geez poor guy trying to find his way in the snow.

So I went out and called to him hey are you okay do you need help. I’m an old lady (well not THAT old you know mid-forties lol) and I’ve seen a lot of shit but I want to help people who are in need. And he gratefully came to the door and I could see through his wet snowy face he was young. And HOT which I wasn’t expecting. No one’s hot here in towns like this when it’s this cold. But here he was. And he was lost so I invited him to come in and warm up if he would like. It was lonely, I thought, I hadn’t had a visitor in some time.
He creaked up the stairs with me and I undressed him and gave him a hot shower and a towel and made him some tea. I dressed him in some old clothes of an old boyfriend’s I had lying around, they fit him perfectly and he looked the picture of gentlemanliness. I found out he was going to the university.
Then I realized LOL I was still in my lingerie! I hadn’t even noticed I just feel so comfy in it it’s like a second skin to me. Sitting in my chair in a nice shirt and pants I realized I was turned on. You ever get that when you don’t even realize you’re turned on and then you think “I’ve actually been craving dick the last thirty minutes”. LOL.
So I told him to come here and he obeyed. I told him to kiss me if he would like and he obeyed. I commanded him to put his hands on my tits. I gripped his soft hair and kissed his sweet, young mouth. He told me I was sexy and I said: I know because I do.

Before he knew it I unbuckled the pants that hadn’t been worn in years anyway and took his sweet dick into my hands.

“It’s my first time,” he stammered. “really I cooed stroking him very slowly and softly, feeling it get hard instantly. You’re such a looker, I said, you handsome young thing I can’t believe you don’t have girls pawing all over you.”

I wanted to wait for an experienced woman, he said softly. Someone who knew what they were doing.
Oh, I said, stroking him so softly, I do. I am going to take my time with you you sweet young thing!

I undressed him and put his huge dick in my mouth– just the shaft at first– and after teasing him s I swallowed his entire cock until his balls were on my lips.

“Oh my Goooooooood I can’t believe it oh my GODDDDDDD”
“Never had a girl do that to you before huh”
“Oh my God that feels so fucking good holy crap fuuuuuuck I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cuu…..”

Oh I had plans. I let him shoot his sweet load right into my mouth and I sucked down every last drop.

Oh my God, he said. I’m sorry that was so soon I. I.

“Oh you’re not done,” I said. I shimmied out of my underwear and lifted up my legs. “You’re going to eat me until you’re hard again.”

And he did!

He timidly put his tongue right under my cunt and I guided him and showed him the way so he was eating me good.

He lapped my clit and fingered my pussy and switched like a pro until I came myself right on his face! I’m a bit of a squirter, sorry I didn’t mention, oops! HA.

I came so good I saw stars and had little pins and needles all over! But lucky for me my plan worked and he was hard again. I led him into the bedroom by the hand and spread myself wide for my hungry pussy. “More,” I said. “Fuck me this time.”
He was so red and charged up and ready to go!! But he still looked a little nervous. “I’ve never” he said “I’ve never done this…I’m a virgin.”

“Let me fix that,” I said and climbed on top of his dick!

Oh my goodness was he off to the races! He thrust up into me as I bounced on that eager cock! And he lasted a long time on his second!

“You gonna come again for me honey? UhH? Huh? You gonna come again huh?”

“Fuuuuuuuck I don’t ever want to stop fucking you, I don’t.”

“You can fuck me anytime, young man.” I said with my arms around his neck bouncing on that huge big gorgeous dick of this. “You fuck me anytime this pussy is all yours.”

Then he suddenly looked worried. “Do I come inside you?!?”

Lol. A fine time to ask that question. “Too late to ask that, come where you want.”

He came inside me and GODDAMN he had re-filled himself good somehow. Oh shit it was amazing.

Then I told him he had to run. A woman still needs her space, I teased. “Come back tomorrow,” I said. I think he will.

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