Oh God where do I fucking BEGIN?!

I fucked not one, not two, not three, but FOUR guys yesterday! And all before lunch!

So I’m a secretary in an office.  Yesterday morning I show up to work in a little pencil skirt and my purple blouse and all I want to do is have sex- for some reason it’s all I can fucking think about!! I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t read my emails, or handle the appointment book! And I was like goddamn, how am I ever going to make it through the day? Why do I just want sex so much? Am I gonna have to try to rub one out in the bathroom? I dunno man…

But it was my LUCKY DAY.
First this guy S_____ came in asking for some files. Oh Goddamn was he a looker! Nice scruffy beard and tight khakis that I could see his cock in! I was like fuck am I staring?!? Hahaha. Well how can I not he’s so hot! And he said hi there T_____ can I quickly ask you something in private?
I was like OH SHIT ok be cool be cool this is your job!! So I was just standing there in the boardroom as he’s talking to me about some kind of report that I did such a good job on and how I have a bright future in the company and how if there’s anything he can do for me….

And I just blurted it, I can’t believe, I said “yeah, you can fuck me right here on this table!”

I thought he’d jump out the window! All the blood drained from his face? Probably went somewhere else LOL. He said my goodness T_____ you certainly are an attractive woman don’t get me wrong I would love…and I looked at him slyly like yesssssss?
Are you…he said…are you rubbing yourself? I looked down. I was rubbing my clit without realizing it that’s how hot I was for my whole body!
Uh, I said.
Oh the HELL with it, he said (Yessssss! Lol) and then he just took me! Kissed me and squeezed my tits and soon his dick was in my pounding me bent over on the table! God it was so fucking good it was everything I’d wanted!

He grabbed my ponytail and bounced me up and down all over his fucking cock!

I guess we were loud we couldn’t believe what was hapenning because we heard “What the fuck!?!?” and then…look at that, oops, uh, two of S_____’s co-executives were looking at us, these two younger up-and-comer guys about my age who looked like they were fresh off the high school basketball team or something. Lol.

Suddenly their boss was fucking the secretary in front of them! Uh. Geez!!! I was following Mr. S_____ who didn’t seem worried and I wasn’t gonna stop and I could tell the two young guys’ dicks were hard just watching us so I said “well come on boys join in!!!” Lol.

They were like “whaaaa?” so I unzipped the nearest guys’ pants and started sucking him!

God let me tell you I love being spit roasted and my clit went from tingling to being like an animal as I felt his dick grow in my sweet little mouth! Well the other guy wanted to join in on the fun too as S______ was bangin me and I went from one dick to the other, jerking off one guy with one hand and blowing the other, it was so fucking hot I can’t even begin!!!

I couldn’t wait for them to cream all over my face. But S____ just kept fucking me and the other two didn’t want to stop my God and I was rubbing my clit so hard I finally just squirted everywhere!!! I didn’t even know I was about to cum I just did it and it went everywhere that’s how hot I was for what was happening!
Then the CEO walked in. Oops.
Even S____ stopped fucking me for a second. You could’ve heard a speck of DUST drop. This old guy been at the company fifty years with his jaw through the floor and in the parking garage. I musta looked pretty bashful and shocked lol! I’d just had the best orgasm in my life with all these hot dicks and now I’m gonna get fired? GodDAMMIT!

Then he’s all shy! he goes…well…can an old guy get in on the fun?
Those two young guys, they gracefully backed away, they know where their bread is buttered, lol.

Soon I’m sucking off the fucking CEO while jerking off the young guys with both hands and S____ is still fucking my brains out silly!!!


It awas fucking nuts!!!!! How was this my awesome life? Lol. I couldn’t believe it. I had four cocks on my body and it was the best thing in the fucking world!

I came one more time from the hotness of it all! CEO was the first to come and you could all tell it was gonna happen and I said GIVE IT TO ME! COME ON GIVE IT TO ME! They all fucking crowded round there with me splayed out on the board table!!! Fucking ridiculous! Even S_____ came to join in!!!
They all jizzed on my face at once!!!! God I’ve dreamed about something hot as that I never thought I’d be in my own little homemade porno!!! Hahahaha. It was the best fucking thing. Them all standing over me with those sweet cocks of theirs!!

I was like uhhh….lunchtime? They all laughed. We went out for burgers after. Worked up an appetite lol. FOUR GUYS can you believe it? You can bet we’re all a lot closer with the boss after this…. ;)

Call 1-800-PHONESEX


I’ve always liked to seduce. Call it a complex. I don’t care. But I’ve never mixed fun with the office. Until today. You know where this is going. Let me tell you…
This new guy came into my work who I’m gonna call Steve. He had intense blue eyes and he shook my hand respectfully and treated me like a lady and I was feeling particularly horny that day. And I had to TRAIN him.
I actually did train him. But I kept thinking about fucking him. Then everyone was gone for lunch so I told him I had forgotten one “other thing” to show him.

We went into a boardroom and already I thought my cunt must be dripping with how much I wanted his dick.

I thought about how usually I liked to seduce classily and slowly but I just wanted him to fuck me so bad I was being as bald and plain as day, just running it all up the flagpole. Which I then began rubbing. His flagpole.
And he was already hard! Sly motherfucker. I didn’t mind. ;) He was surprised but then he just melted into my arms. And my hand.
I was kissing him and he was feeling up my boobs through my smart little flowery blouse and I shrugged off my jacket then all of a sudden he said “Oh my God, what am I doing, I’m married!!”

I said: “Do you want me to stop?”

He said: “Hell no!!”
Well that’s all I needed!! I grabbed him and kissed him with all my might and practically ripped his shirt off! Then his pants were down and I was on my knees sucking his beautiful dick! He took my hair out of my bun while I sucked him and my long hair spilled all the way around me as I swallowed him. GOD he tasted so GOOD. I hadn’t sucked a dick in so long!!


I unbuttoned my little blouse and sat there sucking like mad in my bra and skirt and pumps.

God I could’ve fucking sucked that beautiful cock forever. He started thrusting in me which I LOVED (I like it when you take control too…hehe) but then my knees got tired lol, so then I got up on the boardroom desk.
And leaned my head over. And said “Fuck me.”
I thought his neck was going to unscrew and pop off right there! He couldn’t believe what was happening!! His kinda-boss right there in skirt and heels begging him to fuck her mouth. (Lol if only all of our first days were like this. I’m a nice girl what can I say. ;)
And then he fucking went for it. He just fucking cored my mouth like an apple! He gripped my head and thrust himself into me and I felt his cock fill me right into my throat! God he loved it too I could hear him groaning and feel his sweat and every part of him filled with crazed lust over my sweet soft wet lips and tongue and mouth and throat licking and sucking him from shaft to balls.

He fucked my open hole over and over and over and he seemed like he was about to cum the whole time but really he was just fucking going crazy!!!


He was overcome. Lucky him. ;)
Then I thought lol I need at least a minute to breathe here so I undid my bra and he fucked my tits. God I love having my tits fucked. Didn’t need no explanation either just got on top of me and went for it. But my cunt was still DRIPPING. I thought my skirt would be SOAKED. And then it was my turn.
I pushed him back on the board room and hiked up my skirt and tore off my panties and plunged myself onto his quivering red dick that was just aching aching for more. DAMN I haven’t been fucked liked that in so long!


I rode him like a fucking stallion, gripping his shoulder with one hand and one of my heels with the other, bouncing up and down on that lovely fucking cock.

My eyes rolled in the back of my head and I couldn’t see a thing but I was still in control now and he knew it, I was going to fuck him till I had my fill and he was going to come when I told him to cum. But first I came once. Then twice. SHIT I’m getting a shiver just typing now thinking about how good it was!
He begged me to come and I told him he was a little slut and he’d come when I fucking told him to. And he obeyed. Good boy. But then came the time for his reward. I stopped and bent over right there on the boardroom and told him to come on my perfect ass. He shot all over it! Bent over me working his dick like a pump.

Soon my sweet round buttocks were dripping with his hot cum.

God it was all so fucking hot. It was SO HOT. Can you believe I had to go back to work right after this!? But like I said, I’m a pro. I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and wiped myself off and said “So, I think you now know all you need to do to work here. You can expect these duties to be performed regularly and at the discretion of your superiors.” Smooth as silk he wasn’t awkward at all two hours later in the same boardroom for a meeting. This bodes well for the future…

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

I work in a consulting firm by day, so I spend half of the day I sitting around alone in my office, waiting for appointments. I’m totally confessing that I often skip lunch and masturbate in my car on my lunch break, because the only face-to-face action I’ve had lately is random booty calls and one-night stands! I’ve always had a super high sex drive, so even with my other job taking calls for this company (1800PHONESEX), this last year almost now, I’ve been horny as fuck, with no outlet. So about 3 months back I started masturbating at work in my car. Weird maybe, but true!

I actually think someone caught me one time, but I didn’t know who it was. They walked up and got into the car next to mine. I played it like I was napping, but they definitely did a double take. I never saw the person again so I assume they either kept that as their own personal spank bank (you’re welcome!) or really were that naïve they had absolutely no idea what I was really doing. ANYWAYS…

So just in case you haven’t heard, The Rabbit is the best vibrator a woman could ever possibly own. The extendable ears “tickle” your clit and it’s almost like having a tongue there too. Horny slut that I am, I keep mine locked in my bottom filing cabinet drawer! Today I had two hours to wait until my next appointment, and it was pouring rain outside. I really didn’t feel like running through it to my car to do my masturbation session, so instead I went over and locked my office door- something we’re really not supposed to do. Anyway, I sat back down behind my desk and unzipped my black slacks, pulled my panties to the side, and pulled my beautiful Rabbit out the filing cabinet.I was nervous as fuck but also excited to be doing what I was doing! Risk has always gotten me excited I think.

I put on music so no one could hear the buzzing, turned it on, and stuffed that vibrator into my pussy right there!

I imagined a man under my desk, lapping at my clit as the ears of the Rabbit wriggled against it. How fucking HOT would that be to hide a dude under there and get some office head sometime? The actual cock part of it swirling inside me was just a bonus actually! It was my CLIT that started to throb, and I knew I was going to have a MAJOR clitoral orgasm. I slid down in my chair, sliding my legs open wider, maneuvering the toy inside me, arching my back into it. OMG guys it felt crazy amazing! Something about the danger of it had my pussy going more than that toy had ever done before. Fuck, as I started to cum, I almost WANTED to get caught. I pictured a guy from down the hall walking in (even though of course the door was locked in reality) and catching me, and instead of freaking out or whatever, just getting so turned on by it that he’d come over and HAVE to take his cock out and fuck me right there- both our jobs be damned!

I thought about his cock pounding me as I pumped and swirled the toy in my pussy, fighting against my half pulled down pants to spread my legs as far as I wanted to.

Finally I came with my toes curling and my whole body shuddering like a freaking earthquake in my belly. I don’t think I’ve EVER cum that hard alone! It was EPIC!!! Beyond fucking epic!

And sweet fucking Christ—no sooner did I get my pants up then my door handle starts to jiggle!!! OF COURSE!

I had to throw a file over the Rabbit, my panties all soggy and my face all sweaty, and RUN to grab it before it seemed suspicious that it was locked! I got the door open and thankfully it was just the MAIL GUY (lol) with a package for me, but FUCK! My heart about stopped when I heard that handle!

I definitely wanna do this again (DUH!) but I need some kind of spy camera in the hall or something so I get a decent head’s up! LOL

Me at my desk, but with clothes! lol YES PLEASE!
Me at my desk, but with clothes! lol YES PLEASE!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

I’m typing this at my job. No one knows. They just see at my desk, brow furrowed, pecking away– assuming I’m working on a report. Good secret huh?

There my boss goes. Hi Dan. Going out for coffee? That’s nice.


I got away with something CRAZY right now, and I’d rather tell you about it than work on this stupid goddamn quarterly so here it goes:

There’s this guy ______ here who I’ve had a mad crush on for MONTHS. Like, panty-wetting kinda crush, but I have usually tried to not mix business with my personal life—don’t shit where ya eat kinda thing. But yeah, I’ve fantasized about him many times but I’d never acted on it.

The point is I finally sucked his dick like 10 mins ago!

I got into work late today and collapsed at my desk rubbing my neck, probably looking like a hell-demon, when _____ walked over and sat on my desk and knocked over my coffee in the process.

I said what the fuck, but he apologized a ton…then added injury to insult by warning me of a huge overtime load that Dan was about to drop on me. I was like, you’re fucking kidding me??? And he looked all unhappy cute being like no no…I’m sorry, I just thought you’d want to know ahead of time. Maybe prepare yourself.

Can I get you another coffee? He asked me.

“Nah. You can do something else for me though.”

“Oh, what’s that?”

Everyone else in the office was fixated on their computers. I looked down at him over my glasses and ran a finger over his thigh.

“Let me tell you in the conference room. Maybe it’s a private thing.”
Sometimes you gotta be bold, fellas.

His face went white but we went into the conference room, where, by the grace of some fucking deco design choice when this building went up in the eighties, one whole side of the wall is a FULL LENGTH FUCKIN’ MIRROR.

Anyway, we didn’t have much time and I didn’t waste it. Soon as we locked the door I was rubbing his pants saying here, why don’t you make it up to me this way….he looked like his eyes were going to squirt out his fucking brains. But I unzipped his pants and got on my knees right there. And he had such a nice dick!

A bitch has got needs, bitch gets lucky now and then!

Caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror again suckin on his monster plank cock in my little white blouse and skirt…oh it was HOT! I finally deep throated him all the way. I think my stomach lining hurts from this! I swallowed him all the way to his base, I lightly tongued his balls and I felt my whole body fill up with his cock it was like he was part of my body, like I could grow and feel around in his dick and it could just stay there. He loved that, I could tell, he grew weak. When I finally came up for air from Mount Penis I wheeled a chair around him and shoved him into it and stood over him and went down again. He couldn’t believe it, he kept saying oh fuck that’s good oh fuck that’s good oh babe don’t stop don’t stop don’t stopppppp!

I went down and up like I was deep-sea diving and I loved. Fucking. Loved. Feeling all of his dick down my mouth and past my throat. Fuck that looked hot seeing me suck his dick like that. Need a mirror like that for my own bedroom. I’m not gonna forget how that looked in a million years.

He said I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum!

He fucked my mouth and my throat raw, pumping my face in violent strokes, building up his cum, getting ready to blast me.

I really REALLY wanted to have SEX-sex but we had to make all this FAST, before anyone noticed we were gone! So yeah, I he’s fucking my face, then says HERE IT CUMS!

He went to take his cock out, but I forced him back in my mouth. I’d (much!) rather swallow his cum than risk it making a mess elsewhere here at work. Not like I had a fresh shirt handy! Besides… I was more than happy to swallow all the evidence!

So I did—I gobbled his jizz down and licked that sweet cock clean. Then we just smiled at each other and walked out—I waited a few mins before I came out too so it didn’t seem obvious we were gone together, and then came back to my desk where I’m writing this now. My pussy is SOOOOOOOO wet and while I’m super glad it happened, now all I can think about is when am I gonna get to RIDE that cock???

Call 1-800-PHONESEX


This is us at work, lol. Except we don’t have live entertainment, we have this thing called the internet and it’s literally FILLED with porn.

We hope you’re having a sex-filled 2016 so far, but if not then you already know what to do! So don’t be embarrassed if you aren’t getting any, that’s what we’re here for! ;)

Call 1-800-PHONESEX