Im a sporty, confident girl with a nice, fit body that Im not ashamed of. I also really love sex and ive always admitted that yeah, I masturbate A LOT! Its a whole different thing when ya get caught tho!!!

Id just gotten back from soccer and I THOUGHT I was home alone. I was sweaty and kinda on a natural high from totally kicking the other colleges ASS. And I just felt horny. So I went into my bedroom, found a vid on PORNHUB (yes, us girls DO watch porn too!) and got on my bed.

I pulled my shorts down around my ankles and started rubbing my panties.


I was thinking bout all kinds of stuff, from kissing other girls to anal. Sometimes I just like to run thru all the good stuff! I especially was picturing a GIANT COCK to bounce on!


I was really getting into it, moaning and going for it like I do, closing my eyes and curling my toes. I was just about to cum when I opened my eyes again and saw MY STEP BROTHER standing at the foot of my bed!

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” I yelled, totally embarrassed but also MAD the little sneak was SPYING on me!

Then I saw he had his CAMERA on his PHONE running!

“Oh my god you did NOT!” I shrieked or something like it. I was in a panic!

“Oh yes I did” the little asshole bragged, “and I’m gonna show EVERYONE! Hello Youtube! Wait, maybe this is too porno for Youtube…but I’ll find the right place to post it!”

“You DARE not!” I told him, finally getting my wits about me and covering myself with a blanket.

“I WILL…unless you do something for me.”

“What do you want, you sneaky little shit?” I groaned, embarrassed.

God, I wondered, are ALL high school boys this way? Just devious little shits??? At least the boys my age (Im a sophomore in college) have grown up a TINY bit!!!

“I want to lick your pussy”

“You’re fucking joking”

“Nope. I want to lick your pussy.”

“But you’re my BROTHER!”

“Correction: STEP-brother. We’re not related by blood at all.”


“So I’ve always wanted to eat your pussy.”

“No fucking way!” I told him, “it’s like, ILLEGAL.”

“No its not– Im 18 now, you’re 20, don’t act like you’re so much more grown up than me.”


“Then I guess this video goes viral. Bye!”

And the little fucker tries to walk out of the room! So of course I jumped up and grabbed his arm and tried to snag the phone but I couldn’t.

“There’s only ONE way out of this, BIG SIS” he said with an evil little smile.

Listen guys I’m telling you right now I could have strangled him dead on the spot! But what was I gonna do? Let him spread a video of me fucking fingering myself over the web? Id DIE of embarrassment. He had me! I HAD to let him!!!

So I finally said “FUCKING FINE” and laid back down on the bed and closed my eyes. Just get through this i told myself.

Then I felt his mouth on my pussy. Slowly, he used his tongue to part my lips down there. Then he found my clit and to BOTH of our surprises, it was throbbing.
And I knew then I didn’t want him to stop.

His fingers found their way to my pussy too and he fingered me as he ate me and i feel so disgusting admitting it but i started to really like it cuz he was WAY better at this than I thought he’d be!

After a few mins I found myself arching my hips up into his face and grabbing him by the hair!

“YES!” I finally said out loud, and stopped.

“Why are you stopping?” I asked him.

He stood up and unzipped his jeans.

“WAIT!” I said, “that’s NOT part of the deal!”

“Are you SURE???” he asked me, and then I saw why: he had, like, the FATTEST COCK Ive EVER seen!!!

HOW ON EARTH had he been “hiding” this baby’s arm without my ever having seen the bulge???

Again, he had me!

“OK, yes, FUCK ME with that giant thing!” I told him.

I mean, a girl doesn’t turn down a cock like that EVER.


In a few moments he’d gone from bratty young step brother to a MAN rocking a GIANT COCK with serious oral skills.

WHO ARE YOU? I thought as he climbed on top of me and eased that huge meat missile into my dripping pussy!

It felt sooooooooooo good and I felt so tight around that thing and my mind kept telling me it was wrong but it felt so right and shit, Im a fucking phone sex operator and I need to try EVERYTHING. Or at least that was my excuse as he sunk that fat thing into me over and over. At one point I flipped the script and got on top of him, letting my tits spill out of the soccer outfit I was still in, and bounced on that cock like it was the last cock Id ever ride!


“You feel like Id always fantasized” he said, slowing to long, deep strokes, hitting my G spot just so “so tight and good”.

“OH MY GOD FUCK IT I DONT CARE — MAKE ME CUM” I said and he took that meat and pounded me out the BEST orgasm I can remember! Then he flipped me back onto my back so he could put my legs up in the air and get deeper. I swear I had no idea he knew so much about sex already!

I ight at the end of my squeals of pleasure he started to cum too, and I couldn’t help myself– I quickly scooched further down the bed under him so I could feel his cum hit my face and tongue.

“That’s right sis” he said as he pumped onto me, “eat it”.

And I DID! He tasted sweet! When he was finally done I said NOW GIVE ME YOUR PHONE CUZ IM GOING TO DELETE THAT NOW!

“Gee sis” he said as he handed me the phone, but I was hardly listening. I was going to be SURE that video was deleted! I found it and pressed DELETE and finally I could breathe again.

“I don’t need that video anyway” he said, “now that you know about this DICK, you’ll be coming back for more!”

That’s what the little shit said to me! And you know what? That bitch was RIGHT! Ive been dreaming about that cock this whole fucking week and I have a feeling Im going to cave soon!

So c’mon callers! Help me out! Call and fuck me so I don’t have to fuck my step brother again!!!


Call 1-800-PHONESEX

Ok so like I have a feeling im the only girl in the world who ever said yes to this but last night I agreed to use a GLORY HOLE!


You know—like a hole in the wall where a guy sticks his dick through it—but you can’t see who he is—and you just suck it! Totally anonymous and guess what guys? Totally HOT!

I wont bore y’all with the details of HOW I ended up in this situation (its kinda a looooong story!) but I’ll just give you the dirty deets!

So im there in the bathroom stall, staring at the hole. I have NO IDEA who is coming in next, but whoever it is knows the drill. He’s bout to get his dick sucked by a stranger! That stranger being MOI! Lol

Ok so im sitting there kinda nervous like WHO the hells dick will I be sucking but I also felt kinda thrilled at the thought of it. Just let it be a nice cock I prayed! LOL

So I hear the door open, someone go into the stall next to me, a zipper drops…and then, BAM! An already-hard cock comes poking thru the hole!


And it WAS nice! Fat, full of veins, with a nice fat mushroom head on it. The moment I saw it, I wanted it! I put my lips to it, teasing it with light kisses first.

I could hear the duded moan right away. He liked it!

I took my tongue and swirled it around the head. He liked that too! So did I! I slid forward on the toilet and put my hand up my skirt.

I pulled aside my panties and started to rub my little nub while I sucked.

After a few mins of teasing, I let that cock go all the way down my throat.

“UGH!” I heard the dude moan quietly from the other side and it encouraged me to really give it the GOOD swirling sucking treatment so I went at it!


I wanted to say “you like that, baby?” but the rule is you’re not allowed to talk!

That may ruin the anonymity or fantasy and plus I’m not supposed to know if he’s 18 or 80 and that’s the fun part! And he’s got no idea about me…other than he was told I’m HOT and know how to suck!

I was getting more and more excited as I deep throated him until my face was pressed right up against the filthy stall wall! I grabbed the base of his cock and started jerking him too, as I sucked. My pussy was starting to gush under my fingers.

I wanted to bend over and press my pussy right up against that cock and fuck whoever this was right thru the wall, but that was also against the rules!


Sucking only on the first time. Oh well. I will DEF be doing this again!

Anyway so I’m fingering my pussy like mad with all 4 fingers while the other hand jerks and tugs his cock and my mouth bobs up and back until my nose hits the wall. I think I almost gave myself a nosebleed! And I can hear he’s close to blowing that load and I KNOW im about to cum hard so I increase my sucking and fingering speeds so we can cum together.

And guess what? We totally did! I felt my pussy clench around my fingers just as his hot load exploded into my mouth!

It gushed down my throat in like a bunch of hot pumps and I proudly swallowed all that shit like a pro!


I even went an extra step and wiped him clean before he left the stall.

Then I wiped MY shit clean (so much natural juice down there!) and exited the bathroom like nothing happened! LOL

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

Hi guys, this is my first blog on here, so I’m going to try and follow the rules as best I can. No real names, no real places that are not public, etc.

Ok, so, my story is about GIRLS. I’m 100% bisexual, and have dated both women and men. But the reality is, I talk to dudes and phone fuck dudes every single night with my job.

But I seriously hadn’t been getting enough PUSSY in my face lately, and that sucks.

Like, in long while. So when I saw this chick the other night, I just went for it. Here’s the thing—she said she was STRAIGHT. But, like, she was wearing Converse with fishnets and she had a BLUE FAUX HAWK with shaved sides so in my mind I called bullshit on her straightness! I just KNEW that was a girl who had yet to DISCOVER the magic of another girl…

I won’t bore you with the details of how I asked her out under the guise of friendship only, or how I plied her with booze all night when we finally met up this weekend. Let’s suffice to say, at about 1:00am at my place, I was buzzed, she was pretty sloshed, and I leaned in to kiss her. To my surprise, she didn’t push me away at all—she kissed me back and then whispered “I don’t know”.

“Don’t know about what?” I asked her.

“I don’t know what to do” she said.

She looked so fucking CUTE in her little wifebeater tank top and plaid skirt. So innocent. She couldn’t have been more than 90lbs and an inch or two over 5 feet. I like that—I’m tall at 5’8”, and I love to dominate shorter girls. Anyways…

So I said “you don’t have to do anything this time. Just let me please you.”

“OK” she said quietly, and I leaned in and kissed her again. Her lips tasted like strawberries. Her tongue was delicate and melted into mine as I laid her back onto the sofa. I lifted her tank top up—but ONLY enough so that just the bottoms of her perfect little pointy A cups were peeking out—that shit turns me the fuck on! I licked the bottom of her breasts and laid her back.

She kicked off her sneakers and went to remove her fishnets, but I stopped her:

“I like them on” I said, and I just looped my finger into one of the holes and RIPPED THEM OPEN.

I did it just a bit- just enough to pull aside her thong– and I got on my knees, put my ass in the air, spread her labia, and started licking her pussy.

She immediately began to moan “OH MY GOD” over and over.

I licked my fingers and slipped them into her tight little shaven slit too. Straight MY ASS I thought as she began grinding her hips into my face.

“OH MY GOD no guy has ever eaten me like this” she moaned as she turned her head side-to-side, eyes rolling back.

I REALLY wanted to show her how good it is with girls, so I was, like, doing my absolute best. I coaxed one finger in her asshole and she was surprisingly relaxed, so then I took a jeweled butt plug and stuck that in while I vigorously fingered her pussy.

“Your cute little ass looks so adorable with my jewel” I told her, “I think I want it next. Roll over.”

She flipped over, and I ripped the backside of her fishnets too, and pulled out the plug, replacing it with my tongue.

“OH MY GOD!” she yelped as I tongued her tight little ass, pulling her cheeks around my face, digging as deep into her as I could.


Hot little piece of ass, seriously! I’m soaking my chair remembering this for you, guys! She’d have let me eaten her INSIDE OUT, I swear! But I didn’t want her to CUM yet.

I picked her up like a dude SHOULD and carried her to my bedroom. Now it was my turn to get naked. I stripped out of my dress and again, I call BULLSHIT on her straightness because when she saw me naked, she licked her lips unconsciously! I climbed over her, kissing her again, now dragging my tits over her face. I shook them, slapping her with them.

“SUCK THEM” I told her. I mean, she had to do SOMETHING for me, right? Besides be a dripping hot pussy I was dying to have! Tease!

She was an apt pupil! She scooped up a breast in her hands and brought her lips to it. She started to suckle it almost like a baby, nursing at my tit, NEEDING something from me, and I swear in that moment, I fell a little bit in lust!


TRY THIS I told her, spreading my legs, swinging one over her head.


I pressed my vagina against hers and she looked at me with big, questioning eyes.

All you have to do is grind against me, I showed her, arching my back, letting my hips roll into her.

“OOOOOooooooooo” she moaned as my pussy pressed against hers, clits rubbing together.

“Yeah, baby” I told her “just like that” and the next thing I know, this bitch is scissoring me like an old lesbian! She grabbed my leg and GROUND against me, and for the first time, I realized I would cum too.

“You like pussy now?” I asked her as I felt her getting to brink.

“YES! She yelled, “OH YES!!!”

I threw her on her back again. Scissoring was fun, but I knew I could make her cum hardest with my mouth. I sucked her pussy up into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue.

“You dirty little goddess” I told her “I could eat your pussy all night long and still want more”.

“You want more?” I asked her


So 4 fingers turned into my FIST, and before you know it, I’ve my entire FIST coming in and out of her, pounding her senseless.

OH…MY…FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” she screamed, and I felt her pussy contract around my arm, holding me in place. For an extra thrill I started flicking her clit with my other hand as she came contracting around my fist, her pussy eating half of my arm.

When we were done, so was soooo cute and asked me if I was OK and if I had fun!

I told her it was a pleasure to fuck a tight, hot little piece like her, and that I’d love to be BI FRIENDS with benefits!

Bitch better call! LOL But, like, how can she not???!!!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

I work in a consulting firm by day, so I spend half of the day I sitting around alone in my office, waiting for appointments. I’m totally confessing that I often skip lunch and masturbate in my car on my lunch break, because the only face-to-face action I’ve had lately is random booty calls and one-night stands! I’ve always had a super high sex drive, so even with my other job taking calls for this company (1800PHONESEX), this last year almost now, I’ve been horny as fuck, with no outlet. So about 3 months back I started masturbating at work in my car. Weird maybe, but true!

I actually think someone caught me one time, but I didn’t know who it was. They walked up and got into the car next to mine. I played it like I was napping, but they definitely did a double take. I never saw the person again so I assume they either kept that as their own personal spank bank (you’re welcome!) or really were that naïve they had absolutely no idea what I was really doing. ANYWAYS…

So just in case you haven’t heard, The Rabbit is the best vibrator a woman could ever possibly own. The extendable ears “tickle” your clit and it’s almost like having a tongue there too. Horny slut that I am, I keep mine locked in my bottom filing cabinet drawer! Today I had two hours to wait until my next appointment, and it was pouring rain outside. I really didn’t feel like running through it to my car to do my masturbation session, so instead I went over and locked my office door- something we’re really not supposed to do. Anyway, I sat back down behind my desk and unzipped my black slacks, pulled my panties to the side, and pulled my beautiful Rabbit out the filing cabinet.I was nervous as fuck but also excited to be doing what I was doing! Risk has always gotten me excited I think.

I put on music so no one could hear the buzzing, turned it on, and stuffed that vibrator into my pussy right there!

I imagined a man under my desk, lapping at my clit as the ears of the Rabbit wriggled against it. How fucking HOT would that be to hide a dude under there and get some office head sometime? The actual cock part of it swirling inside me was just a bonus actually! It was my CLIT that started to throb, and I knew I was going to have a MAJOR clitoral orgasm. I slid down in my chair, sliding my legs open wider, maneuvering the toy inside me, arching my back into it. OMG guys it felt crazy amazing! Something about the danger of it had my pussy going more than that toy had ever done before. Fuck, as I started to cum, I almost WANTED to get caught. I pictured a guy from down the hall walking in (even though of course the door was locked in reality) and catching me, and instead of freaking out or whatever, just getting so turned on by it that he’d come over and HAVE to take his cock out and fuck me right there- both our jobs be damned!

I thought about his cock pounding me as I pumped and swirled the toy in my pussy, fighting against my half pulled down pants to spread my legs as far as I wanted to.

Finally I came with my toes curling and my whole body shuddering like a freaking earthquake in my belly. I don’t think I’ve EVER cum that hard alone! It was EPIC!!! Beyond fucking epic!

And sweet fucking Christ—no sooner did I get my pants up then my door handle starts to jiggle!!! OF COURSE!

I had to throw a file over the Rabbit, my panties all soggy and my face all sweaty, and RUN to grab it before it seemed suspicious that it was locked! I got the door open and thankfully it was just the MAIL GUY (lol) with a package for me, but FUCK! My heart about stopped when I heard that handle!

I definitely wanna do this again (DUH!) but I need some kind of spy camera in the hall or something so I get a decent head’s up! LOL

Me at my desk, but with clothes! lol YES PLEASE!
Me at my desk, but with clothes! lol YES PLEASE!

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

Ok so im calling this blog Slut Problems, cuz that’s what I think ive got! Its like every time I go to a party or something, my bestie is MAD at me! Every SINGLE time! So shes Asian and pretty uptight and shes got this really REALLY jealous boyfriend, so she has to be SUPER careful when so goes out the she doesn’t talk to other guys and stuff so anyway, im single and DON’T GIVE A FUCK so of course im going to FLIRT and shit! Why not?!!!! Im on the damn prowl and that should be fine and its no ones business AT ALL! And the fucked up shit is that she USED to be JUST like me! Worse, even! I swear, the stories I have on her! She knows!!! So anyways no one should be caring, but shes always over the corner, giving me those EYES you know which I mean…

So last weekend were drunk at a party and im sitting on this super hot guys lap, and im flirting and having fun, and shes over there looking all pissy. And this party is like super dark, and there were definitely people on drugs and stuff, and this guy CLEARLY has a giant cock. I swear that when it started getting hard, I was literaly rising up with it! So im sitting on this giant cock, and the only thing between me and it is his jeans and my panties, really, since my skirt is so short. This guy is kinda sleazy, but I kinda like that honestly. And so I was, you know, sorta rubbing my ass on his a bit, bouncing a bit, totally trying to drive him nuts. And it worked of course! But it also drove my friend nuts too, cuz she came over and grabbed my hand and said we needed to leave. And then it finaly hit me! She was JEALOUS! And not JUST jealous that I can fuck whoever I want, but also jealous that I was spending my attention on someone else! Like she felt left out or something!

So I took her hand and literaly put it on my tit! I just took it and slid it down my shirt and under my bra real quick and the next thing we both know her hands on my tit! Im not even sure what I expected honestly. But she didn’t pull her hand away! So I thought fuck it, and put MY hand up HER shirt too! And I had always thought she had cute breasts, and I was shocked that it kinda turned me on to hold one. My tits are pretty big (full C’s) and really soft…but she felt different. They were small but super firm. They sorta just stood out from her chest like gumdrops or something. Her nipple was really hard, and I just ran my thumb over it gently, and even through all the blasting music, I totally heard her make a little breath sound. Like, a SEXY sound, ya know?

So I pulled her a little closer, more into the shadows of the corner we were in, and lifted her shirt up over her tits. They were SO CUTE! I couldn’t help it- my mouth went to one, then the other. The guy under me groaned- I almost forgot about him at that point!

So I ground into my with my pussy, pressing down hard on his lap as I sucked her titties. She started to pull away cuz I think she started to get scared I think that someone would see, but it was really dark in there and no one gave a fuck anyways so I wasn’t worried. I pulled her closer, flicking her nipples with my tongue. When I ran my hand up her skirt and pulled aside her panties, she was totally wet! Dirty little lesbian liar! She told me she wasn’t into girls! Right!

I slid a finger in her pussy. Two. Three. Before I knew it I was totally fucking her with my fingers while I sucked on her tits. Dude suddenly lifts me up a bit and I hear his jean unzip, then he’s tugging my panties to the side. Next thing I know, his cock is inside me and he’s bouncing me on it as I slide my fingers in and out of my bestie, the whole time also sucking on her tits. If she was gonna be jealous it was my job to make her feel included, ya know? But I admit I liked this way more than I thought. And for reals this guys cock feels HUGE inside me. I mean I never actually SAW it be it had to be one of the biggest ive ever ridden for sure! And wait…so heres the best part! My bestie starts whimpering and I know shes gonna cum, and just thinking about her cuming all over my fingers while this strange guys cock is inside me make me start to cum. And that makes the DUDE start to cum too! No shit! So shes shaking and her pussy is vibrating on my hand and im sucking her left tit HARD and she cums and then my pussy starts to constrict around his cock and I cum, and then he’s lifting me up and snatching his cock out of me as HE comes, pumping into his hand, trying not to make a total mess of this freaking club were in. (Gross!)

Then it got SUPER WEIRD. Like, she pulled her shirt back down, and her skirt back down, and told me we needed to leave. And it was late so I was like whatever, and we got an Uber home and I didn’t even give the guy my number. And can you believe this shit IN THE UBER my bestie turns to me and says im too slutty and I need to tone it down! I could NOT believe it! Less than 5 mins after shes cuming on me, shes telling ME I need to tone it down? Nope! I told her shes lucky I don’t tell her boyfee! Hed dump her in a second!

God she drives me nuts sometimes but im not gonna lie. I really liked fucking her! I would SO do it again! How do I get my friend to just dump this jerk and be a slut like me?! Now the bitch hasn’t called me in a week so well see what happens! Lol Maybe I should blackmail her into fucking me? Im kidding. Kind of.

Or I might be needing a new best friend soon! :/

Totally including a pic that best matches the moment!00380029

Call 1-800-PHONESEX

DIG_IJ1154_086 DIG_IJ1154_084

So how are you “single” guys handling your morning hard-ons? Are you just tugging one out while still in bed? In the shower? I mean, I’m a chick so the idea of imagining that is kind of hot, but honestly, I’ll bet that gets BORING for YOU plenty of the time, no?

I guess you haven’t heard that there are some guys who have “discovered” an ingenious way of handling their wood that keeps them smiling all day after. I mean, think about it…are YOU still grinning about whacking it that morning, by the time lunch or dinner rolls around? I highly doubt it, dude.


So…what are these guys doing that’s giving them chubbies all day just remembering it?

They’re letting ME or one of my sexy coworkers start their day off RIGHT by giving their cock what it deserves: an EPIC ORGASM worthy of a hardworking man! Cuz really, boys, us slutty girls know that you NEED a good morning release to get clearheaded for the day. And here’s the extra great part, and I’m for real here: WE LOVE IT TOO! We’re not baristas or waitresses or cashiers for a reason! We love to MAKE YOU CUM, and you guys are actually way more a part of our “real lives” than you ever really know…

Picture, if you will, my coworker Delilah. She’s 19, gorgeous- tall, thin, dark… and she’s paying her way through college (a pretty prestigious one, in fact) having phone sex. Now, just like any service business, we all have our “regulars”. Do you know that we have our favorites, too? Her most favorite regular is on the east coast, and calls her at 6:30am (9:30 her time) every Monday through Friday morning. He calls right at the start of her day because he loves knowing he’s her FIRST fuck of the day, every day. He’s mid-forties and some kind of executive, and likes to refer to himself in the third person as “Daddy”, but that’s all we know. Anyway, this is a perfect example of their morning trysts, and something YOU should get to enjoy too, by the way!

So picture this…somewhere in a small downtown apartment, a young woman is starting her day. She has class on campus later, but is, for the moment, sipping coffee in her robe, relaxing at home. Her cell phone rings.

“Hello?” she answers quietly, cradling the phone to her ear.

“It’s me. I want you to stop what you’re doing, and get onto your bed.”

She puts down her mug and walks over to her bed, the white satin robe swishing against her smooth, tan legs. She lays down on the bed, and puts the phone back to her ear.


“Now reach into the bedside drawer and get my favorite toy. Turn it on and let me hear it.”

She stretches her slender but shapely body across the mattress and reaches into the draw. She pulls out a long, purple vibrator and presses the button, and holds it up to her cell for a few seconds.

“Now what, Daddy?”

“Faster- make the setting faster.”

She presses the button twice more, causing the toy buzz loudly, madly vibrating in her hand.

“That’s right…now, are you naked?”

“I just have on my robe.”

“Good. Lay down flat on your back, and untie the robe. Now open it.”

Slowly, deliberately enjoying this simple act, she pulls on a tie of her robe and it gives. With her left hand, she pushes the robe to the sides, revealing her breasts, one at a time, and her smoothly-waxed pussy. The breasts are perfect—perky and round, and still point to the ceiling despite her supine position.

“OK daddy, my robe is open.”

“How are your nipples? Are they hard?”

“Not yet.”

“Pinch them. Make them hard for Daddy.”

The woman cradles the phone in the nook of her laying shoulder and grabs her nipples. She wants to squeeze and tug on the fleshy part of the breasts too, but knows she must only do what she is told. Obediently, she takes her pink, bead-size nipples between long, French-manicured nails and pinches hard, and releases. With each tweak, her labia aches and her clit starts to tingle.

“How does that feel?”

“It feels really good, Daddy…”

“Now grab your toy again.”

“Got it.”

“You can play on the outside, but don’t put it in yet.”

With her nipples now hard little pebbles pointing skyward, the girl obeys his next command, pressing the vibrator against her.

“Mmmmmmm, daddy…yes, don’t make me stop” she says, arching her back toward the toy, letting it throb and hum against her fleshy pink mound.

Her long brown hair grazes her shoulders and falls to the sides as she teases her pussy with hard and then soft pressure, making sure not to part the lips all the way just yet.

She moans into his ear as the intensity grows.

“Put me on speaker, and then put the phone between your tits.”

“Oh yeah, Daddy!” she says as she engages her speaker phone and places the cell on her breastbone between her two soft, bouncing titties.

“OK daddy.”

“Do you want to cum this morning?”

“Yes, daddy, please!”

“Good—now you can put it in, BUT SLOWLY!”

With both hands now free, she opens her juicy slit and plunges the head of the purple rubber cock inside her with a loud “oh yes!”

“Find your G-spot.”

She moans, letting the toy enter her fully, and then brings it about halfway back out, angling it upwards.

“Mmmmmmmm…” she moans as her tight pussy throbs around the shaft, slowly moving in a circle until she finds the right spot.

“That’s right, fuck yourself—rub that G-spot…”

Her body begins to tense.

“That’s ME right there, baby—that’s MY FAT COCK inside you, stroking your spot so good. You love it, don’t you?”

“Yes daddy…it feels SO good!”

“Daddy’s got his cock in his hands. I’m stroking it thinking about you-about being inside your tight little pussy right now. God, that’s amazing. Daddy wants a nice, big, fat orgasm. You make Daddy cum so hard his ears ring. Let me hear you cum so I can cum too. You know what I like.”

“OK daddy…” she trails off, now concentrating intensely on rubbing herself from the inside, gliding the fake purple cock in and out, up and back. She pictures him on the other end, thick erection in hand, working his staff. It gets her hotter, and she grinds against the toy harder, faster.

“Oh…my….god, Daddy…I’m CUMMING!”

Her legs go stiff, her back arches, and her toes curl. The muscles on her right arm flex as she works the toy hard against her G-spot, sending waves of uncontrollable pleasure through her body. Her pussy seems to contract around the toy, holding it inside her, greedily eating it up. Her tits bounce with the vibration as her whole body convulses.

“OH YES DADDY!” she screams in a final wave of pleasure.

That does it. On the other end, his cock explodes, pumping a thick, full load onto his stomach and chest. It takes them both a moment to catch their breath. He can hear her panting.

“You dirty little slut—now you got me all dirty too,” he tells her, looking down at his cum-coated, still slightly erect cock.

“Now…what are you going to be thinking about in class all day?”

“You, Daddy,” she laughs mischievously.

“That’s right. Now go put on a black thong—that’s what I want you to wear today. Under a nice skirt.”

“OK, Daddy.”

“And when you’re in class, and your professor is being all witty, and you start to wonder what it might be like to fuck this older, educated man, remember that MY cock is what you service FIRST, every single day.”

“Of course, Daddy.”

“So you just remember, even when you’re riding some cute guys your own age from school, that your pussy is MINE FIRST—that I make you cum FIRST. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Daddy, always.”

“Good girl. Now hurry up and get ready for school before I have to punish you next time.”

“Bye, Daddy. Thank you!”

They both hang up their phones and lay where they are a minute more, catching their breath…

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I’m so sorry, Daddy! I’ll never speed again!

So I’m a fast driver- I can’t help it- and it’s worse if I’m running late. Early this year, I was coming back alone from happy hour with the girls, going about 85mph on the freeway, and, you guessed it—siren! I was being pulled over. I made my way to the shoulder. One cop came up to the driver side of the car. The other came to the passenger seat but didn’t seem to want me to roll down that window.

“License, registration” the one on my side said coldly.

“Of course” I said, and dug them out and handed them over.

He looked closely at both as he stood at my window.

“I’m sorry, officer,” I said, “I totally know I was driving too fast. I was running late- I know that’s no excuse.”

When I said this, I looked in dead in his eyes, and sent my best pretty girl vibes at him.

I continued, “but I just don’t get out much, so I was really excited to meet the girls at the bar and hopefully meet some new guys.”

When I said this he handed back my license and registration.
“Meet guys, huh?”

He shot the other cop a glance, and cop #2 took out a phone and walked a few feet off, apparently making a call.

“Yeah. Single life can get pretty boring” I said, and let my hand fall casually against my low-cut top. I know my breasts looked REALLY good in it, all overflowing the top practically.

“What kind of guys are you looking to meet?” he asked me, and I thought I started to see the faintest trace of a smile. I really hoped he wasn’t messing with me.

“Well….” I said, letting my hands fall to my lap where my short, tight skirt seemed to be creeping up my thighs, “I don’t know…I guess, guys that like a good time? I especially like men in uniform,” I added sweetly.

My hand came up and grazed my cleavage, letting my middle finger run slightly between my large breasts. It seemed no man could ever ignore my natural DD’s, but I was going to make certain this one wasn’t the first! I arched my back in my seat, heaving my tits a few inches closer to his face.

“Well I hate to give you a ticket…you seem like a VERY nice lady…but the problem is, if I don’t, I’m afraid you won’t learn a lesson.”

As he said this, I could see a bulge in the front of his pants grow. He was getting hard thinking about teaching me a lesson! And I must admit, right then my panties started to get a bit wet.

“What if…” I asked him, “there was another way for me to learn my lesson, besides getting ANOTHER ticket? I really, really can’t afford a ticket right now”.

“Hmmm” he said, leaning in closer to my window, bending down towards me.

“Suppose there was an –unconventional way—for you to learn your lesson tonight without getting a ticket. Would you open to that sort of thing?”

“I’d be VERY interested,” I said, smiling at him.

The officer was jotting something down on his pad.

“There’s a motel just off the next exit. Head there RIGHT now. Check in under ‘Mrs. Rogers’, and keep the door unlocked. Just wait.”

Stunned, I took the piece of paper. I didn’t know what to say!

“Go,” he said, “now”.

Nervous, I pulled back onto the freeway, heading for the next exit. Was this really happening? Had I just turned a ticket into some kind of sex? Could I really just fuck this total stranger? And a cop, of all things?! I felt scared but thrilled at the same time. He really was kind of hot, in that crew-cut military sort of way.

I found the place and checked in in a daze, and then sat on the bed, feeling very strange. It was well over an hour before the knob was turning and the officer was walking in. He was still in his uniform.

“Are you ready, you bad little girl” he asked, approaching me on the bed where I sat, “to learn your lesson?”

“Yes” I said.

“Yes, DADDY,” he corrected me.

Yes, daddy,” I said, quickly playing along, “I know I’ve been REALLY BAD”.

“Mmmmmmm” he groaned, stroking at the front of his pants, letting his hand cup the rather sizable swell coming alive beneath the navy material. He slowly removed his belt and gun, finally taking his pants to the floor.

I think I actually gasped out loud- it was maybe only 5 or 6” long, but it was THICK as any I’d ever seen. I must admit, when I saw it, I knew I’d made the right decision!

“Come here” he said, standing at the edge of the bed.

I crawled to the edge on my knees and looked up at him imploringly. He took that fat, beer-can cock and put it up to my lips.

“You’ve been a very bad girl, speeding on the freeway like that. Don’t you know how dangerous that is? There’s only one way to deal with a bad girl like you. You need to suck on THIS until daddy knows for sure you’re sorry. If you’re REALLY sorry, you’ll TASTE my forgiveness, and then you can go.”

I parted my lips, letting first the head, and then the thick shaft, slide down my throat. He moaned.

“That’s right, baby, suck it like a good girl. Show me how sorry you are for speeding on Daddy’s freeway. Mmmmm, yeah, take it all in….”

With the cop’s dick in my mouth, I really couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying it! With each moan, I got more into it—sucking, licking, slurping…it’s like I couldn’t get enough of his cock! I wanted it further and further down my throat. I’d never let a man dominate me this way, and it was freaking hot! My hand milked the shaft as I slurped that wide pink head, wanting suddenly to do it better than anyone ever had.

I could tell he was getting close, so I went even harder, faster, and he obliged, holding onto the back of my head and pumping my face as hard as he could, losing control of his composure. It was hard not to gag on all that cock but I didn’t want to spoil it!

“Oh god” he said in a cracking voice “what a dirty, dirty mouth you’ve got on you, little girl. So much dirtier than the others. I’m gonna fill it up until you choke on it.”

My pussy was gushing with juice at this point. I slipped a hand between my thighs and started to rub my clit as I kept sucking. He thrust into my mouth with long, deep strokes, and I could tell he was going to blow.

I cupped his balls as he gripped my head, pushing his cock as far down my throat as it would go, spurting hot against my tonsils. I swallowed, once, twice, a third time, letting his throbbing cock expel what seemed like 3 or 4 loads down my throat. Finally he pulled it out and rubbed it the last of it all over my face, coating me in cum and spit.

“Oh yeah…” he groaned “you sure learned your lesson”, and he was quickly tucking that gorgeous cock away, back into his slacks.

“We’re done for now,” he said, tucking in his shirt, “but if I catch you speeding again, you KNOW what daddy is gonna do? He’s gonna find another hole for this thick cock. Really punish you next time. It won’t be this easy.”

With that, he left, and I’ve been speeding down that same bit of freeway ever since!

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