ok you guys i really need to confess something here because id been attracted to my step brother ever since my mom remarried but i NEVER thought id act on it!!! I never thought HE would either but it totally happened.

we fucked 7 ways to Sunday right in the house and it was the best fucking sex ive ever had and now im worried for all kinds of reasons!

so, ok, the scenario is that my mom remarried 4 years ago and her new hubby has two sons. one is away at college and the other is my age (18) and we both just graduated. the three of us live in my moms house together and for 4 years ______ and i have flirted but nothing ever happened but then something did. we were home alone kinda late cuz it was our parents anniversary. we were watching a movie and it got really sexual and graphic and the next thing I new his hand was on my thigh. Like, in a sexual way and hes never touched me like that before. and right then and there i knew i wanted him too cuz my pussy started to drool and I didn’t move his hand away or say anything, so he started moving it slowly up my leg and under my dress until his fingers were rubbing my pussy right through my panties. but i couldn’t LOOK at him so i just kept my face forward at the movie but i didn’t stop him!

Then his fingers were INSIDE my panties and parted the lips of my pussy and he muttered “oh man” as he felt how WET I was down there and the next thing I know, my panties are flying off and hes jamming his cock in me!!!

i swear im seriously ashamed at how much i wanted it even though i know its weird and wrong supposedly and whatever but none of the guys at my high school get me as wet as my own step brother! hes seriously really cute and good at sports and funny and i he surprised me with how THICK his cock actually was with a fat ol head on it.

It was short but super fat and when he jammed it into me i swear I bled just a tiny bit taking all that girth so it was good that i was super wet or else it wouldnt have fit prolly!

i dont know if its cuz its the forbidden fruit or what, but i swear ive never been so fucking hot for someone in my whole life! i grabbed at his ass and pulled him harder onto me trying to get him deeper and deeper into my admittedly tight pussy. i had to admit to myself that id been fantasizing about this scenario since day 1 and i finally had him inside of me where id always wanted him since his dad first brought him over to meet me and i ALMOST wanted to tell him how long i wanted this but i couldnt’ bring myself to look at his face and i THINK he was feeling the same thing– he had wanted this so bad too for so long. and he wasn’t rushed about it either he slowly fucked me missionary style, then pulled me down on top of him on the sofa and i rode him but i still didnt’ want to look at his face so i turned around and rode him reverse cowgirl, bouncing my ass up and down on that giant totem pole.

This got him so excited he started to breathe heavy so i bounced harder and i knew i was gonna cum all over that soda-can-cock and i did and when i was done he pulled out.

he aimed that fat cock at my ass and pumped a load all over it but youd think that was the end but no way he wasn’t done yet! he flipped me over and laid me back down on the sofa and then buried his face in my sopping pussy and suckled at my clit and prodded with his fingers until i was screaming again, cumming hard!

then he came up and shoved that fattie in my face i happily choked on it and sucked on it and massaged his balls while i did it and felt SO SATISFIED hearing him moan.

the harder i gagged, the more he moaned, and as my own spit ran down my cheeks i felt him getting close and he knew it too because it was round 2 game on again and he wanted me from behind. no way that giant thing was going in my ass for reals but doggy was cool and he threw me over the arm of the sofa and pounded me with that fat hammer from the back while he spanked me too so my ass would ripple against him.

i yelled dont stop as i came AGAIN (time 3!) writhing against the arm of the sofa and he kept pounding, getting harder and harder until he said “OH YEAH!’ and pulled that fat cock out and aimed it at the sky and it seriously EXPLODED like a fucking rocket spurting jizz like 3 fucking feet high.

its like his cock just kept cumming and cumming pumping that load and then we both collapsed in each others arms and fell asleep. awhile later we heard our parents coming home and we had to RUN upstairs since we were both naked and cum-crusted and pretend to be asleep in our different rooms but then i get a text from him that says “i want that pussy every nite. Dont care if its right or wrong”!

and i texted back “i want u 2 fuck me w/ that fat cock every night”

now im SUPER PARANOID our parents are gonna find out! like, every time we’re alone together now my pussy is dripping waiting to get him alone but we only usually have a few daytime hours when we are home alone together. is this nuts? am i totally gross and crazy for doing this???? What on earth would our parents do if they knew?! It soooo fucking risky but i swear that what makes it so hot besides the fact that he IS hot and has that monster cock!

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