OMG. I’ve been fantasizing about my mom’s boyfriend since I met him a few months ago, but I never thought he’d actually be fucking the shit out of me!!!

I guess I should back up a little bit. I’m 18, and I waitress – that’s the job my mom knows about. I also do work as a phone sex operator (which I love because frankly I am a total cock slut LOL) – and my mom definitely does not know about that one!

When I went over to my mom’s house to eat dinner tonight, I had no idea it would end up the way that it did. I showed up and my mom’s boyfriend “Randy” answered the door. I think he took notice of how cute I looked wearing a short and tight little denim skirt and a black t shirt I had cut into a tank top with a v neck that showed off my tits -34D to be exact, with 5’3” 108 pounds for the rest ;).

Anyways! He let me in and I said hello to my mom. Randy was making dinner tonight, so me and my mom hung out and caught out for a bit. After a while we Randy let us know dinner was ready and we sat down at the table in the dining room and ate. Not long afterwards my mom was called into work at the hospital.

I was going to go home since my mom left but I went to use the bathroom first. When I went back to the the living room Randy was holding my cell phone. At first I was just stunned when he said “your friend texted you while you were in the restroom. How long have you been making money doing phone sex?”

At first I didn’t know how he could have found out, but then I remembered that I had texted my best friend last night about an especially hot session I had on the phone. Randy was wearing jogging shorts because he usually goes running in the evening, and I could see how hard his crazy huge dick was! Lap hog? More like a lap elephant, jesus christ!

Randy said that if my mom found out it would kill her, and he was definitely right. I said “Maybe we can just keep it between us then?” as I walked toward him.

I leaned over him with my big tits in his face and said “please” as I started rubbing his cock.

I had taken my bra off in the bathroom because it had been uncomfortable and I thought I was leaving, and he ripped my already cut open shirt down further exposing my tits. I gasped with delight as he did, and he immediately started sucking on my nipple. I stuffed my hand in his shorts and was shocked to find his dick was even bigger than I thought!!! I couldn’t even fit my hand all the way around it when I started tugging on it! He put one of his hands on the back of my head and pulled me in and started kissing me deeply – I couldn’t believe how wet I was! I pulled his massive meat out of his shorts and started giving him the full stroke.

He grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head back before shoving my head down towards his lap. I took as much of him as I could between my lips as he pumped his big fat meat up and down into my mouth!

He picked me up by the waist and threw me up on the couch, my mouth still around his throbbing massive cock. Then Randy pulled up my skirt and spanked my ass! Then he started to rub my eager soaking wet cunt. He slipped two of his thick fingers into me and fucked me with them before pulling out of my thirsty pussy hole and going back in with three! I was practically screaming with pleasure as I bobbed my head up and down on his huge, lovely cock, sucking and massaging his Coke-can shaft with my cum-hungry tongue.

He grabbed me by wrapping his fingers in my long hair again and pulled me of his cock mid suck, making a popping sound from the sucking as he did.

He put his hand on my hips and pulled me onto his lap! He teased my wet pussy with the giant mushroom head on his cock and I groaned. He slipped the tip into me and I slowly lowered my tight little cunt down around as much of his massive girth as I could. When he was all the way deep inside of me, he started to jackhammer my pussy.

I was screaming all kinds of shit without thinking, everything from “yes yes yes!” to “oh god!” to “ooh daddy I love your giant cock!”. When I said the last one Randy told me daddy was going to make me squirt, and he wasn’t lying! He spanked my ass as I bucked my hips, making my juicy ass bounce on his lap, before he jammed a finger in my mouth. I sucked on it briefly and he took it out, spanked me again good and hard, and then slipped his spit slick finger into my asshole!

OMG again!!! I had never had anything in my ass before, and I couldn’t believe how good it felt! I didn’t think I could feel more pleasure than this, but I was WRONG because then Randy used his other hand to start rubbing my clit!!! HOLY SHIT it felt incredible! I leaned back, bouncing on his mammoth dick – it was like fucking one of those giant flashlights security guards use – and then it happened. I was screaming my head off with pleasure and before I even knew what was happening I was screaming “I’m cumming daddy! I’m cumming!” It had never happened before but I was having a literally gushing orgasm, squirting all over myself and Randy’s lap. It seemed to last forever!! I fell on top of him when it was finished, and after fucking me slowly and gently while I recovered, Randy told me it was his turn and tossed me off of his lap and onto my knees on the floor. He stuffed that perfect cock into my mouth and I sucked on his rod like the world was about to end I was so eager to please him.

After just a moment of this Randy let out a loud groan and said “Here it comes baby girl, get ready!”

He started to shoot his load into my mouth, and I swallowed it as fast as it could but it was too much!! his cum started to leak out of my mouth and run down my mouth!!! I couldn’t believe how much he came, OR how much I loved it!

After cleaning up and zipping up my hoodie to cover my torn shirt I said goodbye to Randy with a smile on my face. Maybe this one time was all he needed to not tell my mom about my phone sex job, but I know he loved it too and I will definitely be going back for more when I get the chance.

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Whether we like it or not, the Kardashians have been forced down our social media throats for quite some time now. We really don’t care too much about them, but being the perverts that we are – we’ll OGLE the hell out of them broads. Don’t think for one second that you’re not being manipulated by their looks ’cause you are. We’re all being bamboozled on a daily basis so we can constantly be distracted away from the real problems of this world. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you.

I suppose we SHOULD acknowledge Kylie Jenner though – I mean after all, she IS 18 now; we can all legally fantasize about her. She is probably the most cunning out of all of them – I mean look at ALL her photos; she literally wants to be fucked. Her pictures scream: “I’m a horny teenage slut AND I love big, black cock!”

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